Juliette Balconies, External Railing, Swimming Pools

Juliette Balconies

Juliette balconies have seen an upsurge in popularity on apartment buildings due to the added light, ventilation and style that they can impart when constructed sympathetically.  For a full range of Juliette Balcony options, please consult Trinity Steel to discuss design and installation.

External Railings

When advising on external railings, Trinity Steel utilise Q Railing 316 grade stainless steel which contains 2% molybdenum to give increased resistance to corrosion under weathering.  This ensures that the quality of finish achieved will withstand normal environmental factors.  However, in certain environments such as coastal areas or swimming pools it may be necessary to utilise an even more enhanced steel composition than 316 grade.  In such instances we can supply 2205 grade Stainless Steel.

Swimming Pools

2205 stainless steel is the name given to a duplex stainless steel developed by Q Railing to contain high levels of nitrogen and other trace elements.  It is a blend of materials that make it uniquely resistant to environments which are characterised by aggressive accelerants of corrosion such as chlorine, salt and high humidity.

If you have a requirement for Juliette Balconies, External Railing or Swimming Pool steelwork, Trinity Steel can advise on the correct grade of stainless steel for your environment and supply you with a quality product made with premium materials.  Thereafter we will also advise you on how to care for your steelwork to ensure it remains looking its best.