Mission Statement

I named Trinity Steel after my goal to offer:

  1. a great product with
  2. excellent service at
  3. a fair price.

These qualities, which ought to be a given, have often proved elusive in my experience within the construction industry.

A great product is of first importance.  It leaves a lasting mark on your project, is in close quarters with you and your people on a daily basis and has to withstand scrutiny-not just when installed, but for its lifetime.  That is why Trinity Steel partner with the best suppliers (See our Quality Statement), plan site activities meticulously and snag our own work before handovers.

The manner by which we achieve a great product is a mark of our professionalism, informs our customers opinion of us and therefore determines our success.  I set out to create a culture where achievement is rewarded, cutting corners is not tolerated and a collaborative, open approach is fostered.  Our aim is to generate repeat business through shared success and exceeding customers expectations.

A great product and excellent service do come with a cost.  Trinity Steel may not be the cheapest, however we represent value-for-money and we will not be the most expensive.  Our strategy is to establish long-term relationships of trust with our clients.  We aim to invest in people, manage the present and proof the future.

I trust that you will benefit from the Trinity Steel approach, whether client, supplier or colleague.

Joshua Brown